The Super Watch

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

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We are introducing The Super Watch, a unique combination of Smartwatch and Bluetooth Headphones. We will share with you the features that make this device different from its type. Let's start.
It Has Amazing Fitness Tracker;
The Super Watch automatically monitors your daily steps, distance traveled, calories burned and all day runtime. Your heart is the most important indicator of your health.
The Super Watch Tracker automatically monitors your heart rate and blood pressure throughout the day. This Smart Watch is a Great equipment for those who can't get the exercise out of life!
Stop Forgetting Your Earbuds At Some Places;
You can put your earbuds inside the Smart Watch and you don't have to search them. The earbuds are also charged wirelessly within the Smart Watch. It has a cleverly designed structure and a harmonious combination for both the earbuds and the smart watch. 2 in 1 !
Earbuds Produce Amazing Sound Quality In Addition To Fit And Mini Design;
The Earbuds feature an ultra-light, mini in-ear design and noise reduction earplugs, to keep you comfortable.
Super Watch with state-of-the-art BT 5 technology and state-of-the-art acoustic components that produce incredible sound quality with deep bass and crystal clear treble!
Easy Charging;
The Super Watch uses a magnetic charger for 60 minutes of charging time, 4 hours of continuous use per day and up to 7 days of standby time. In addition, Wireless headphones charge within the watch.
All Features That You Can Think Of On It;
Fitness tracker, Heart rate monitor,
Blood pressure monitor, Sleep Monitor, Calorie Counter,
Step Counter, Bluetooth calling, Phone call reminder,
Caller's name display, Caller ID display,
Reject & Answer the phone, Message reminder,
Health tracker, Reminder,
Wechat Sports, Alarm, Sleep Monitor, And many more ...
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