Smart Indoor Planter

Intelligent timing, full spectrum mode: plug in power, button lights, enter the timing state, timing 16 hours fill light + 8 hours rest, automatic cycle is set;
Planting energy-saving mode: press the button twice to enter the red and blue pure sewing mode;
Adjustable reading mode (regular table lamp mode, adjustable brightness): raise the flower, read the two right, namely, plant growth lights, but also eye protection reading lights, plants and care for your eyes;
Water shortage alarm: built-in water level sensor, environmental water level line, both in one. When the water level in the sowing tank is less than 10%, the water level warning light will remain on and sound will be heard every 15 minutes. Reminding of adding water
Plug type: usa plug, canada, india, japan, mexico, thailand, united states, philippines and so on.
Special intelligent lighting, sink settings: through the study of the sunlight spectrum using special LED lamp housing to fill the plant, thus photosynthesis, thus avoiding the baptism of outdoor wind and rain, while plants have enough Yang Guan and water source, make the flowers more vivid and moving and blooming longer.
New hydroponic technology: special planting environment prevents pest pollution caused by soil and eliminates mosquito growth.
It is also more suitable for plant growth, using the space meteorite environment to improve the germination rate of plants
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