Koowheel Electric Hovershoes

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

What Is Electric One Wheel Hovershoes?
Electric self-balancing smart wheel hovershover hovered skateboard Scooters The Balance Scooter is a double-footed transport vehicle that uses a self-balancing technology.
The combination of skateboard, hoverboard and roller skates, more tricks can be played and you can go anywhere.

Why choose New KOOWHEEL High Tech?

We strive to provide the best products and best service to all our customers. Founded in 2009, KOOWHEEL is one of the largest manufacturers and manufacturers of hoverboard / E-skateboard / E-scooters providing the next generation of safe electric sports products.
Today we all love it. All of our products are offered with better raw materials, best quality control and better management, reasonable prices that people of all ages can enjoy.
Koowheel Electric Self Balancing One Wheel Hovershoes Hoverboard | Portable Roller Drift Freeline Skate Hover board Balance Scooter-UL 2272 Certificated/250W Dual Motor/8km/h Max Speed
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