Hot Hands

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

HotHands heaters are disposable, air-operated heat packs that provide daily warmth and are ideal for keeping your body warm when the temperature cools. There are a variety of styles designed for your hands, feet and body.
Hot Hands Hand Warmers 10 Pack Keep your hands warm and fry with Hot Hands Hand Warmers while working or playing outdoors. This Hot Hands 10 Pack will provide you with warmth and comfort for all cold weather activities, keep them near at hand as they are easy to carry for when need to use.
Enjoy the safe, natural heat of clocks and watches. These Warm Hands Hand Warmers become ready to use, the air is activated and can be slid into a glove or pocket to give you instant relaxing temperature.
They work well for your favorite cold weather outdoor adventures and are the ideal solution for sports events. Hand warmers are small packages that are held in hand and produce heat on demand to keep cold hands warm, keep the tips warm and assist in insulated clothing.

One of the best outdoor warmers in America, HotHands has been warming hands, feet, and bodies for over 21 years!
Product Size 2 – 3.5 (inch).Hurry up for buy it. Winter is coming...